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December 23, 2008

Welcome to the Career Cafe! (Bring Your Own Java)

cup-coffee-daily1College is a time to prepare for your career…  most colleges do a great job at it, too.  Forget what the press says, our centers of higher education are turning out exceptional graduates, and despite the stereotype, you and your fellow students take career preparation seriously.

Unfortunately, what you may not be taking seriously enough is career management!  If you have, if you’re actively involved with the career center at your school, we applaud you.  While the rest of the university is preparing you for driving on the highway, your career center is going to help you find the on-ramp–an important aspect to all highway driving!

That’s why we’re partnering with career centers to provide curriculum for in-class and take-home instruction, we’re also publishing this interactive “Career Cafe” to:

  • Share our insights (we’re career management professionals as well as academic professionals.  A happy fusion, IOHO.)
  • Gather your questions, feedback, and concerns so we can even more accurately serve your educational needs.
  • Network you with visiting executives and career professionals.

We welcome Students, Executives, Educators, and anyone else interested in contributing to the next generation’s career management development!


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