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December 31, 2008

Do You Need Career Management Help?

Recognizing the need to accept guidance in your career management strategy is an important step to securing success.  With the economy continuing to struggle and the pool of applicants continuing to rise, the sense of overwhelming drowning can easily seep into the soul.  Take it from someone who is a poor swimmer, I embrace inflatable life boats now and then.  Perhaps no man (or woman) can exist as an island.  Or does one begin staying afloat by learning the doggie-paddle and then, and only then, reach for guidance?


CB101945In the previous post the topic of self-help was introduced as a building block for personal career management.  True enough, before I can seek a helping hand or life jacket, I am obligated to stand on my own two feet (perhaps wobbly at first) and, as ABBA exclaimed, “take a chance on me.”  If this is the case, where do I begin and what do I do with what I have?


Effective personal career management is not a life-changing event to be taken lightly.  According to the top three career management associations, reviewing and updating your resume should occur at least once a year.  Let’s venture onto the island of “self” and examine resume refreshing guidelines:


  • Out with the old and in with the new; this includes formatting.  Nothing can be less exciting than seeing the same shape, tone, and template over and over again.  Many hiring executives review up to a hundred resumes a day—imagine, if you dare, living in an homogenized setting where each island serves the same landscape.  To be effective, you must change the way, the feel, and the look of your resume throughout the year.  If you have an accomplishment, express it and prioritize your contribution and value by keeping the cream at the top and the “ho-hum” on the bottom of the sheet.
  • Resumes reflect more than your educational achievements and career background; they are the window in which you are judged, professionally and personally.  This may not be fair but it is reality.  To the person critiquing your resume, it is not only what you state but how you state as well as what you elect not to state.  Being a student of semantics, the very words we choose to select tells a great deal about the author.  This is where position, company, and industry research pays a high dividend or may cause you to sink in a sea of misconstrued verbs…not a fun place to tread!


In the next few posts we will begin examining the concept of partnering with professional companies, describing the pros and cons as well as tips on selecting what may be best for you.


Charting career management territory as we go; time for me to get the map out and dust my compass.


Until then, Happy New Year!

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