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January 3, 2009

Career Management Assistance

Examining the concept of career management help, including resume developing/writing, career coaching such as salary negotiation, direct mail networking, and our ever-changing economy, several have asked for a review of professional companies available.  No doubt about it, dropping a few notes before activating your network for a job search is much more effective than making a referral request as your first contact in years.  Whether proactive or reactive, however, hiring professional career transition help is a good idea, especially as the job market gets ever more competitive.


So let’s begin by learning one fundamental truth; “preparation is a phased approach.”  A clear understanding of these phases makes hiring the right firm much easier.  Here they are:


1)      Strategy: How are you going to go about getting a new position? Networking? Internet? Direct Mail?  Recruiters?

2)      Document creation: Résumé and cover letter – depending on your strategy, you may need different versions.

3)      Personal preparation: How do you handle an interview?  Salary negotiations?

4)      Distribution: Executing your strategy.


As you approach career development firms, be sure you know which phase you’re purchasing.  Not all firms handle all phases, and you’d never know by the price.  Give me a few ideas as to what you are looking for and will begin next weeks segment by looking at different agencies, beginning with recruiters.


Hope your New Year’s was a safe one and the New Year will be one of great success.




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  1. Great information, thank you.

    Comment by Tanya — January 21, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

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