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February 2, 2009

Industry Growth, Career Transition, and Recession

As of late, I’ve wondered what specific industries are booming in such dire times.  Fortunately, a couple weeks ago CNN Money Magazine (online) answered my question and issued the following:


Top Industries: Fast Growers (1-year growth in profits)


Of the 38 industries listed, the top 10 were:


  1. Pipelines — 80.9%
  2. Electronics, Electrical Equipment — 60.1 %
  3. Packaging, Containers — 49.8%
  4. Engineering, Construction — 46.1%
  5. Airlines — 33.8%
  6. Wholesalers: Health Care — 31.4%
  7. Oil and gas equipment services — 28.9%
  8. Entertainment — 25.6%
  9. Network and other communications equipment — 23.7%
  10. Household and personal products — 20.3%


Interesting but do the top ten really surprise anyone?  Are you shocked at any of the industries topping the list?  At first sight, I was not sure why the entertainment industry was doing so well…who can afford going to the movies nowadays?  But then I began thinking how we all need a little release from reality now and again. 


For those thinking about career transitions, information and market trends must be given a great deal of weight.  From all appearances, there are options in a wide array of industries – with persistence and passion, the next move is YOURS!


Thinking back, I haven’t been to a movie in months, any reality escape suggestions? 


Danny Huffman


  1. Well, normally I wouldn’t recommend a cartoon, but Disney’s Bolt has a lot to say to job seekers. It concerns a dog who thinks he’s got super powers. When he finds out he’s just like every other dog he gets depressed. Sounds like anyone you know entering the job market for the first time? Not to give the movie away, but Bolt realizes he may be just like every other dog, but he’s also quite unique and that’s what makes him super! Combine that with a gerbil named Rhino, who’s attitude of conquering anything no matter how difficult, and you have a movie with great transferable value to job seekers!

    Comment by robbnn — February 3, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

  2. We all love a hero or heroine who has an unrelenting committment to justice, is able to overcome seemingly impossible odds and does everything within her or his power to succeed. Our innate love of the winner is well founded. Don’t we all desire to be that winner, the one who succeeds? That is why we go to the movies, to fantasize total success! To be successful in our real life quests, we need to emulate not only our film heroes but those successful people we know in real life, to map out the strategy we need to implent to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds we face in today’s job market. We need to be our own heroes in our job searches. Look at Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Does it get any better as far as overcoming odds to win?

    Comment by Donna — February 4, 2009 @ 9:24 pm

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