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February 26, 2009

Career Trends

Several times each year, career survey results are reported.  With current unemployment rates and uncertainty looming in the air, securing a stable job must coincide with current trends.  Around this time, many feel a need to share survey results with their own twist.   As a blogger, I do the same but try to keep it as objective as possible (throwing in a pinch of personality now and then).  As a blogger dedicated to career management, certain survey results tickle my interest more than others.


When the Career Management Alliance posted the ten best and ten worst jobs (data collected from, I felt committed to share the news. 


To the hungry and ready to graduate student to the seasoned professional, knowing what’s available is a large chunk of the equation.  So, tell me if you agree with the list, by the way, this list was compiled and ranked based upon Stress, Work Environment, Physical Demands, Income, and Outlook.  The total number of different positions considered was 200.


Ten Best Jobs:

1.      Mathematician

2.      Actuary

3.      Statistician

4.      Biologist

5.      Software Engineer

6.      Computer Systems Analyst

7.      Historian

8.      Sociologist

9.      Industrial Designer

10.  Accountant


Ten Worst Jobs:

1.      Lumberjack

2.      Diary Farmer

3.      Taxi Driver

4.      Seaman

5.      Emergency Medical Technician

6.      Roofer

7.      Garbage Collector

8.      Welder

9.      Roustabout

10.  Ironworker


Take a minute and reflect at the two lists, do you see any common thread binding best versus worst together?  I am a bit surprised how mathematics and mathematic related jobs rule.


Then again, your career choice must be based upon YOUR desires, wants, and needs.  Under no situation should you discount the importance of any position or believe one position is inherently more beneficial; taking a gestalt approach, the whole is much greater than the sum of any part.


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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