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March 6, 2009

Higher Education is Worth the Trip

On my way to work I listened to NPR and unemployment projections.  It was stated we should expect rates close to 8% closing out the month of February.  With 650,000 job losses last month, it seems like now is the time to continue educational pursuits as the following outlines.


In a recent report published by the “Bureau of Labor Statistics” comparing education and employment, the following trends were detailed:


·        79% men graduated high school compared to 84% women graduated high school

·        11% of high school dropouts had earned their GED

·        4% of high school dropouts were enrolled in training or apprenticeship programs

·        10% male high school graduates who never enrolled in college were in the armed forces

·        42% of high school dropouts and 20% high school graduates not enrolled in college were neither employed or in training by age 20

·        42% of youths were enrolled in college during the October they were 20

·        47% of women and 38% of men at age 20 were attending college


Striking me most is the last bullet—47% of women and 38% of men at age 20 were attending college.  For the younger individual looking to enter the workforce, education is a must have to compete and for the seasoned professional, continuing your professional development appears to be required to keep up. 


In lean economic and employment times, standing above others is not simply about experience, it’s about getting ahead….it’s about education.  


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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