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March 17, 2009

Classified: Who’s Hiring?

No doubt the unemployment rate has been spiraling out of control and many economists predict the rate to reach 8% before too long.  But before you panic and decide to move to Montana and open a dental floss company, good news has shed a bit of light on the world.  In an article published on March 9th, the article examined several industries who are in need (or will be in need soon) of skilled professionals.


For the recent graduate, this is also good news.  You may be on the bubble of a huge boom ready to explode near the end of the year.  For seasoned professionals, this is good news as well.  This may be the perfect time to visit your training, targets, and career objectives (not just for today, but for years to come).


Let’s take a few and summarize where the jobs are according to the recent article from Fox news:

  • Companies that make nuclear power equipment
  • Education, health care, and the federal government (which added 9,000 new jobs in February 09)
  • Some mortgage lending companies, notably those never involved in subprime or other exotic loans, are actually growing and hiring as larger competitors have folded
  • Mortgage servicing companies – those that collect payments for the lenders that originated them – are also hiring as lower mortgage rates fuel mortgage refinance applications
  • Engineers — Corporations such as Pittsburgh-based Westinghouse Electric Company and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy are hiring engineers and adding other workers as they expand manufacturing facilities
  • Engineers of all kinds are in demand and face very low jobless rate of about 3%
  • There is a 6% shortage of hospital pharmacists, and many drug stores are also looking to hire new pharmacists and pharmacist technicians
  • Nurses: Hospitals also need more nurses to care for the aging population and to replace those nearing retirement. Hospitals added 7,000 jobs of all kinds last month (February)
  • Veterinarians are particularly needed to serve livestock growers in rural areas. The US Government needs veterinarians to inspect slaughterhouses and undertake other food safety measures. The Labor Department projects that the number of veterinary jobs will grow by 35 percent by 2016.

Source:,2933,507587,00.html (Published March 9, 2009)


With a little direction and encouragement (especially in difficult times), tomorrow definitely can be rewarding.  After all, I’ve always wanted to make nuclear power plant equipment!


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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