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March 21, 2009

Last Night’s Graduation Ceremony, oh what a night!

Last night was a great one.  I was the keynote speaker at a college graduation ceremony and, I believe, the process went smoothly.  All in all, there were a total of 45 graduates walking across the stage.


For those wanting to know the gist of my speech, check out yesterday’s blog submission.  I played it fairly close but I have a tendency to ramble onto roads less traveled…especially when it comes to career management.


For those entering or transitioning, there are few beams of sunshine to grasp as the world appears to be wobbling out of control.  But like I stated last night, so much value is placed upon the packaging.  Career management is no different….you need a crisp, elegant, and powerful package when delivering yourself to any potential company.  That package and the way it is delivered is what this blog site is all about and your input is always appreciated.


On a side note, I did run across a new website which some may find helpful.  The specifics are as follows:


Telecom careers – The official job board of USTA, PCIA, and Telephony Magazine, TelecomCareers is the TMT niche industry career site, with over 200,000 members and more than 250 employers. By featuring TMT’s top companies, teaming up with prominent associations, and partnering with innovative career development organizations, TelecomCareers is able to attract the industry’s top talent by posting lucrative job openings, presenting unique opportunities to network and collaborate, and offering ways for members to further develop their careers and showcase their strengths. Resources include Professional Development articles, Job database, Company Search, online Resume posting, Browse jobs by industry sector, keyword job search, online profile, Featured Video, Telecom Careers Whitepaper, Salary Survey, Resources page, and more.


I apologize for the shortness of this submission but truth be known, I am swamped and feel myself getting a tad dizzy with the amount of work needing my attention. 


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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