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March 31, 2009

Career management: Don’t be afraid!

One of our readers submitted this question, and I decided to respond for all:


Is it okay to just email a resume?  How should I go about following up with an employer?


Golden Rule: In order for people to be successful in the marketplace, they need to operate from a position of strength, not fear.


The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced there are nearly four times the numbers of job seekers for every opening.  Where does that leave you?


Too often, job seekers search almost frantically for job openings online, which are few and far between. When no response comes to an online submission of a resume, they feel they have hit a dead end. This can leave them frustrated and discouraged, thinking they’ve exhausted all their options. To increase their options, they must increase their opportunities…and means doing more than simply blasting out a thousand email resumes…time for aggressive action has never been greater.


Simply sending an email is never enough; always follow up with a call (the following day or two days after at most) and always send a hard copy resume and cover letter.  This means you will be doing some research—finding out addresses, phone numbers, contact information, etc.  The hard work pays off; how many candidates take this extra step? I can tell you very few.  I recently had an online job posting for a writer, received over 125 resumes online (most were automatic from key words – completely impersonal and ineffective).  Out of the 125, I received one (1) hard copy resume and cover letter tailored to the job posting and to our company.  I was so impressed, she was my first call for an interview.  Little things setting you apart from the pack goes a great length.  Again, always think about the reader—what will impress and what will simply place you in the non-memorable stack? 


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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