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April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

jester_thumbnailBack in the bad old unpolitically correct world, kings would have “special people” as court fools.  The first of April, the fool would be king-for-a-day.  Now we have elections so fools can be in office all year ‘round.


No, no, just kidding.


April Fools Day’s most likely origin is from France (no jokes now) where April 1st was considered the first day of the year until King Charles IX changed it to January 1st.  Those who refused to change to the new reckoning were counted “fools.”  (A similar possibility is the “fools” who refused to shift to the Gregorian calendar and stuck with the Julian calendar.)


Regardless, “fools” are those people who refuse to change.


We run into that all the time.  At Career Services International (Educational Career Services’ parent company), we champion a one-page, functional résumé.  Now, if you’re just starting out, one page seems like a lot, but if you’re well into a career, two pages don’t seem like enough.


And it’s not if a résumé was a biographical document.  I suppose at one time it was, but certainly no longer.  The résumé is a marketing tool.  It should be compelling, to-the-point, and (dare I say the word?) seductive.  Laden with “WOW” factors, dynamic verbs, and claim-proof statements, your résumé should make the reader say, “I need to talk to this guy!”


That is the goal, right?  To get an interview?  Start with that premise and you’ll see the best way to get a busy executive to call you is to give him/her a document geared to the company needs and how you will help them.  Just give them what they need to know and leave the rest to the interview.

If you don’t, then you’re a… well, you know….



Rob Swanson

Managing Writer

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