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April 6, 2009

Dinner and the outsourced

Had an interesting weekend until the topic of outsourcing and illegal aliens came up; let me backtrack for a moment.  My wife and I were invited to have dinner at a friend’s home and naturally we accepted.  In typical fashion, upon the completion of dinner we discussed current and concerning issues.  Not sure how it began or who initiated the conversation but the concept of outsourcing was thrown out there… seems like there are three topics one should avoid while entertaining: religion, politics, and now outsourcing.

april-06-2009Our hosts own their own company and are strong believers in outsourcing.  My wife is diametrically opposed to outsourcing while I am a middle-in-the-road person with this topic (as a Libra, it’s just the way of the stars).  One more factor which should be considered, neither of our hosts was from the US – both come from a socialistic country. 

Our hosts questioned the inborn sense of “entitlement” many of the people in the US carry and “our” overall laziness.  Additionally, in their country, and in most they have visited and lived in, poverty is much greater in the US as is crime (they threw that in as icing).  The words slung back and forth – no one was going to convince the other their view was right.  Thirty minutes of argument (no longer a discussion) later, I decided to go to the family room and watch the NCAA semi-finals… at least there would be a winner in that competitive setting.

Here it is Monday morning and I can’t shake the feeling and discussion from two nights ago.  Do US workers own a sense of entitlement?  I take this to be translated into:

“the company (or country) owes me just because I happen to be born in a specific geographic boundary.”

Could this be true?  How many people out there have experienced this type of expectation either from peers or fellow employees?  As for me, I have a good group of employees who, in my opinion, work hard and (generally) do not have a sense of entitlement.  As a matter of fact, my group is a solid band of employees.  I quite possibly may have the very best group available… this being the product not of outsourcing but of training, developing, and respecting the great staff I have. 

My concern has not waned over the past two days—as a matter of fact, the idea that we own a sense of entitlement is rather upsetting…regarding my wife, she remains fit to be tied over the concept as she owns passionate views – especially when it comes to home…and the United States is our home.

What do you think?  Are American workers spoiled?  If you owned a company and needed to hire a group of 20 employees, would you intentionally look for individuals outside the United States?  If so, which country would you focus attention to?  And finally, am I reading too much in the after-dinner conversation?  How would have you reacted?

Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP

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