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May 2, 2009

Never Eat Lunch With Writers

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We just can’t help it.  Writers and anyone well-versed in English are typo hunters.  The menu at lunch today was rife with errors: sandwhich, for example, and fryed fish, for another.  On the bright side, the menu writer was consistent.  You could have a turkey sandwhich, a fryed fish sandwhich, or a club sandwhich.

Consistency goes a long way, and it is often the bane of resume writers.  Typos are death to resumes but so is erratic usage of otherwise correct writing.  We tend to be good about the front end of bulleted statements, making sure all our bullet symbols are alike, yet it’s the back end that can bite you. 

There are rules about whether a bullet should have end punctuation or not (if the bullet is a complete sentence, end it with a period, otherwise don’t).  A proofreader will tell you that end punctuation is often messed up–some bullets will have periods (or commas) and some won’t.  BE CONSISTENT!

Other areas arise because MS Word tries to be intelligent.  En- and em-dashes can switch on you without warning.  Pay particular attention to dashes between dates (2005-2008) because some will invariably become 2005 – 2008 (an extra space before or after, or a long dash instead of a short one).  Be sure they are all the same.

Less common is justification problems.  If one paragraph or bullet is at full justification, they all need to be (though we recommend left justification to prevent those odd rivers running through your text).

Further, if you use special formatting on certain entries, such as small caps for company names, double check to make sure all companies are small capped (and if you small cap companies, small cap universities and institutions as well).

Otherwise your reader will be like we were at lunch, busy seeking typo-treasure instead of figuring out what we wanted to eat (I chose the Nuty Turky Sandwhich).

Rob Swanson
Managing Writer
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