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June 2, 2009

Diagnosing Your Job Search Problem Areas—Part 3a: Going Beyond the Boards

red-crossIn previous posts, we decided to impersonate our favorite exercise magazines and diagnose common “problem areas.”  Our version won’t get you ready for bikini season, but it might help you land a job by summer’s end.

If you missed the quiz that launched it all, Diagnosing Your Job Post, on May 20th.

For readers who have been following along, this post focuses on contact strategy—in other words, the approach you use to get that great résumé you’ve created into the hands of the right people.  As in previous, we’ll take you from bad to good to great…and beyond.

From Bad to Good

If you answered “A” or “B” to the second question on our quiz, you’re probably among the millions who think is the answer to all job search needs.  Here’s your wake-up call.

At best, less than 10% of job seekers are successful using only online job boards.  Getting at a hard number is difficult because these sites don’t track how many of their users actually land positions (nor would they give out the information if they did).  But consider this 2003 CareerXroads survey of companies, which asked what percentage of new hires came to them through the popular job sites.  The results might surprise you:

▪       Hired from Monster: 3.6%

▪       Hired from CareerBuilder: 1.5%

▪       Hired from Hotjobs: .5% (Yep, that’s less than 1%)

Add it together, and you’ve got about 6% of jobs going to respondents on the big job boards.  If that doesn’t say enough, please know:

No one is searching for your résumé, no matter how many times you refresh it.  Ok, a few headhunters and career counseling firms might use the search capability as a marketing tool, but HR managers and the top recruiters are getting plenty of résumés on their desks.  They don’t need to look for more.

 *  Online = specialization.  Sure, going online makes it easy to blast a response to every posting.  That’s the problem.  The larger companies quickly put up their defenses to such “job search spam” with electronic mechanisms to match your document to their criteria.  Hoping to “talk your way into” a job that is a bit of a stretch based on your background…forget it.  A human is unlikely to see your submission unless you’re exactly what they’re looking for. 

 *  Winning electronically can mean losing the human touch.  Those résumés plagued with buzzwords we talked about in the last post?  They might get through the electronic parsing system, but do they say anything to the HR manager?  I can’t tell you the number of “web optimized” résumés I’ve reviewed that were total gibberish. 

 So face it, if you want to find a job, you need to look beyond the boards.

To Be Continued…

Amy Lorenzo

Sr. Writer

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