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June 25, 2009

One Page or Two?

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pinkhummercincinnatiIt used to be, the length of your resume indicated your importance and career accomplishment.  Kind of like how a big Cadillac said the same thing. 

But times change and the Hummer-sized resume is as popular as a pink Cadillac.  Today’s resumes are sports cars, short, fast, and sleek, largly because hiring managers are doing the work of three people and when an SUV lands on their desk, they see red.  Who has time to wade through pages of career biography?  Certainly not today’s executives.

No, they want power and punch in short sentences and easy to find result-nuggets.  With restless eyes, if they don’t find a hook immediately, they kick the tires of the next resume.

Keep them short and sporty, folks or you may not make it to the starting line.


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