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July 1, 2009

Are You a Student? Do You Have Your Plan On?

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Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine and his career frustration.

My friend was also a former co-worker who was – and is – the most technically savvy guy I know.  If there was a software or hardware need, he’d figure it out rapidly and completely.  Now he’s looking for his dream job and he keeps hearing, “sorry, you’re not technical enough.”  ????  What they mean is he’s not formally trained, nor do his previous positions, though technical in deed, appear “officially” technical.

He has a few choices:  He can make a lateral (or backward) move to get the official experience he needs, he can seek formal training and certifications, or he can work his resume to highlight his technical value as achievements in his “sales zone” (the top third of the document), then hope he can finesse the interview.  He can also offer references who will speak to his technical acumen.

My friend is discovering what so many of us discover: a haphazhard career may give you an amazing skill-set that enables you to perform in a better position, but it’s hard to support in a resume… though a professional resume writer can help you with that.

You, however, are a student.  You are formally training for a career.  HOWEVER, that training does not mean you will make a career plan.  A plan will help you choose positions of strategic value.  It isn’t enough for a job to pay the bills; it should be  a stepping stone to the next position.  It should build on your existing skills and address skills you know you’ll need but don’t yet have.

Do you have your plan on?

Rob Swanson

Managing Writer – Career Services International – and Education Career Services –


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