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July 6, 2009

Resume Purpose and Objective

Hoping everyone had a safe and groovy Fourth of July. As for me, kept around the house and made sure the four cats were not too frightened. Let’s get to career marketing and specifically resume development and need for change for a minute…the following represents typical questions I have dealt with over the years:


What’s hot in resume writing, what are some musts that should be included on a resume? What are some new tricks of the trade and methods that can help set you apart? In addition to work experience, what else should be included to make it stand out? Professional certifications or education credentials? New computer/software skills? Training? How important are all of those to making a resume stand out?

What’s hot in resume writing, what are some musts that should be included on a resume?

Resume development is much like home construction: tools of the trade are required.  Without tools, a frame can not be built.  Your frame defines the value you offer and this MUST be including on your resume in the first round of action.  Tom Cruise stated “show me the money” in a movie several years ago.  And so, the same stands true.  Most Employers hire not for charitable reasons, but for selfish reasons.  Your job at hand is to stand out from the pile upon pile of applicants by “showing your value.”  To do this, a frame of reference needs to be established quickly.  Frames of reference include (though not all inclusive):

  • Added Value/Unique Characteristics or Skill
  • Career History
  • Educational Background/Training
  • Relevant Certifications
  • Technical Expertise

Frames of reference are the support beams validating your target and confirming your ability to not only gets the job done, but to get the job done in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Are you the right person for the job? Are you representing yourself in an industry-specific manner? Are you creating the right first impression?  One has 12 seconds to 15 seconds to “show value,” are you?

How important are all of those to making a resume stand out?

Like a house without a proper foundation, marketing material without appropriate frames will fall from lack of support.  Standing out from the piles of peers is not an easy task but can be accomplished.

I will be glad to expand as requested

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