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July 27, 2009

With Apologies to Donna Summer

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donnasummerMaybe you remember the disco hit, “She Works Hard for Her Money.”  While the first part is a necessity to success, the last part is the sure sign of a loser.  Clearly, Ms. Summer wasn’t giving career advice, but the sentiment of working soley for money will backfire.

Certainly a paycheck is the reason we need employment, but if your job ethic is dependant on the size of your check, you’re in trouble.  A better credo is, “Work Hard for the Company” (with a bridge stipulating “Make Sure the Company is Worth It!”)

Some employees complain about their wages and “deliver what the company pays for,” reserving their best work for a better bank deposit.  Especially in today’s economy, jobs may not pay what they have in the past.  You may be faced with a lower offer than you previously received.  Please take heed:  If you aren’t happy with the offer, turn it down.  If you accept the offer, deliver your best work without complaint.  In fact, work as if you were making a million bucks.

Definitely negotiate the best deal you can, and be sure part of your offer is an understanding of when you can expect a salary review.  Give your best, schedule the review and communicate the value you generated to justify a raise, and then, like your original offer either accept it or don’t, but if you do, continue to deliver your best.  Regardless of what they pay you, a manager is hiring you to give 110%.

Studies have shown that elaborate compensation packages have little effect on work delivered by highly-paid executives.  The people who command such packages leave the negotiation table without a backward glance at their pay.  That’s why they can command such packages.

How about you?  Can you see a circumstance where pay should effect your performance?

Rob Swanson – Managing Writer, Career Services International –; Education Career Services,


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