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July 29, 2009

Helping Hands, Student Career Transition, and Tech Support Opportunities

July 29 hopeLast week CNN Money began spreading good news for the technological industry.  In a time where most have begun tightening belts (I am on the last notch) amidst the uncertainty of tomorrow’s job market, it appears there is more than a helping hand on the horizon.

“The fastest demand in the U.S. is for help desk and desktop support.  A recent survey of Robert Half International shows 51% of employers plan to add IT staff over the coming year.”

To be specific: CompTIA, trade association for IT professionals, is currently launching a hiring campaign to fill an estimated 400,000 tech job openings.  Tech jobs are appearing in Des Moines, Boise, Louisville, and all over the U.S.  In Detroit tech jobs in hospitals are plentiful for jobs that require continual collaboration with other departments.  In the medical industry, tech jobs are available for medical providers.

No doubt this is not an overnight resolution for many executives and students transitioning into their respective career, but it does bring hope.  To be clear, tech support positions are found in a wide range of industries, from hospitals, to hotels, to factories; so get out of that mindset about tech support being held hostage in a Weber-like cubicle.

Why the sudden burst of good news for this particular sector?  Good question, and I believe the answer resides not only for tech support but goes across into all industry areas.  In other words, the trend about to take off may very well take off in your industry.  There appears to be a scarcity of skills, experience, or combination of these that employers want.  If you are currently a tech professional, think about increasing your value by upgrading certifications to remain competitive and venture into untapped territory in order to retool your career for today’s job market.

Developing transferrable skills and continuing your professional development will always pay to your advantage (and most importantly, to the advantage of your employer).  For students entering college to those graduating in the near future, never stop progressing and developing your value. 

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