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August 4, 2009

Passion vs. Past-time

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I recall vividly the deflating of a family member who at last landed a job doing what he loved to do.  This fellow was a workshop junkie.  He loved to putter around his garage and make beautiful things.  A true talent, a cabinet maker hired him and for the first few weeks he loved it.  Then the demands of working to a deadline reared its head and what had been his dream job became a nightmare.   Despite quality work, he couldn’t make the delivery date and he and his boss agreed he  should find work elsewhere.


“Work in your passion and you’ll find true happiness.”  It a true aphorism, but most people either don’t have a passion or they’ve inaccurately diagnosed it. 

My relative mistook his past-time for his passion.  Because he loved to work with wood, he thought his passion was building things.   Anyone who watched him go about his days realized his passion was craftsmanship in any medium – lawn care, cooking, cleaning, everything.  Add to that a strong ability to mentor and coach and occupationalizing his passion would be to work in Quality Control of items that have to be perfect, such as fine technology or even gem appraisal.  Allowing him to inspect the skilled work of others and helping them find ways to improve it would put him in heaven.

What about you?  What’s your passion and how do you occupationalize it?  Have you mistaken a past time for your passion?

To figure it out, what do you spend your free time on?  Your first answer may be just your hobby, but there is something about it that is likely your passion.  What things do you research online or in books and magazines?  Where does your mind go in free moments?  Look past the enjoyment to the common factors.  You may be surprise at what you find.

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