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October 10, 2009

Projected Federal Jobs on the RISE

No doubt this is an extremely difficult time to find employment for thousands upon thousands of graduates and experienced professionals looking to either obtain a job or transition into a better career.  Economic forecasts indicate the private sector may not bounce back to acceptable levels until late next year and warns of further ebb and flow.  Amidst the dust there is a towering presence in the public sector…an option which may be perfect for you.

Before going into the excuses of not having a federal resume or knowing what a KSA is (much less how to write a well developed and thought out one), kick back and check out the opportunity.  After investigating, if you decide you want to test the federal side of employment you have many helping hands eager to assist you.  On this note, I would be glad to guide you upon the path and would also recommend several booklets defining techniques which will enhance your chances of a great catch…just gotta let me know.

Enough talk for now.  According to, the Federal government is looking to fill 273,000 mission critical positions in the next three years. Yes, you read right!  My advice, don’t wait as NOW is the time to get started (it is not uncommon for the process to take up to nine months before an offer is made).  Thus, for those looking to earn over $70,000 annually, GovCentral completed the research to help you make an informed career path.  Check out the list below to see the largest growth and current openings that all earn over $70,000.

The list of 10 Government Industry’s Projected to see the largest growth in the next three years:

1.  Medical and Public Health – 54,114 Projected
2.  Security and Protection – 52,007 Projected
3.  Compliance and Enforcement – 31,276 Projected
4.  Legal – 23,596 Projected
5.  Administration/Program Management – 17,287 Projected
6.  Accounting and Budget – 16,664 Projected
7.  Information Technology – 11,549 Projected
8.  Business and Industry – 10,765 Projected
9.  Engineering – 10,642 Projected
10. Transportation – 10,560 Projected

To learn more details about the ten industries, go to the web page, (Original URL: 

I will be glad to help you out in this endeavor; just let me know (or go to and decide if two of my booklets would be the right next move),

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