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November 2, 2009

Selling Your Soul for Your Paycheck?

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Submitted by Victoria Andrew

DevilBurnsCash_rf_120According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate has soared to 9.5%, making it all too easy to seize the first opportunity presented to us. Such an impulsive choice may sacrifice job satisfaction for the sake of economic security. Before accepting a new position, ask key questions to consider potential job satisfaction: 

  • Does the company provide products and/or services you would be proud to be represent?
  • Would your new boss be someone with whom you could establish a positive and rewarding working relationship with?
  • Are the leaders of the company people you respect and feel driven to work for?
  • Are you being offered a salary commensurate with your worth in the marketplace? Consider your total compensation in comparison to your past earnings. If you perform on a superior level, is there an upside opportunity or incentive pay?
  • Could the skills you learn within this position give you more of a chance of upward mobility in the future? If the position does not offer the economic security you are seeking, consider the experience, skills, networking, and certifications you may acquire on the job.
  • Will this be a job that is both professionally and personally rewarding for you?
  • Will the position make a difference in your department, the company, and society as a whole?
  • Is there frequent overtime in the culture of the company? Many professional jobs are inherently very demanding. Yet, excessive overtime could signify insufficient resources, ineffective management, and poor planning.
  • Will a healthy balance between your personal and professional life be possible within this position? Be honest with yourself as to whether or not the hours (including the commute) will easily work with your family. Maintaining peace at home will enhance your productivity level. 

Although it is exciting to be offered a new position, restrain your enthusiasm and   consider whether or not it meets your standards of job satisfaction before accepting it. Upward mobility, productivity levels, and job retention will revolve around whether or not our work is personally meaningful and professionally satisfying to us as individuals, independent of current trends in the economy.

Thank you Victoria!

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