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December 5, 2009

‘Tis the Season to Find New Jobs, Fa-La-La-La, la-la-la!

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Let’s dispel the idea that the end-of-the-year holiday season is a bad time to apply for a job… and dole out a little hope while we’re at it.

Sadly, many of our new clients are depressed when they call.  Partially because “end of the year and no job!” rings in their ears like jingle bells.  And partly because they think that isn’t going to change anytime soon because no one hires in December.  Absolutely not true!

They may not be posting jobs right now (and then again, they may), but with the exception of retail, this is a naturally slow season.  Even in big retail, the executives are lying back a bit more – the rush of preparing holiday campaigns is over and the front line is carrying it out.  What better time than to send out introductory cover letters and resumes?  Many employers have time to read them, to interview, and in the next two months to train while things are slow.  Time to For Career Development

Further, they are reflecting on the previous year and what they need to do differently next year, so their problems are fresh in their minds, so your solution is music to their ears!

Meanwhile, retailers are being pleasantly surprised that sales are better than anticipated.  Sounds like a good time for seeking new salespeople, doesn’t it?

A positive aspect of the doom-and-gloom predictions that aren’t nearly so doom or gloom in reality is that hope is flaring ever-so-guardedly in employer’s hearts.  So get out there and offer your skills to fan that flame into a roaring fire of promise!

Rob Swanson
Career Services International
Writing Manager

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