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December 9, 2009

The UnAdvertised-Advertised Job Market

We have always advocated the 360-degree job search.  Apply to online postings and print postings, but PLEASE don’t stop there!  Direct mail campaigns are far better and second only to strong networking.

Today’s employers turn to current employees for referrals.  They take recommendations from networking contacts and they’ll turn to their LinkedIn contacts.  But wade through the mountain of résumés received from online postings?  Only if they have to.

So why do they post the job if they aren’t going to fill it that way?  Largely to cover their backsides from the threat of litigation or the appearance of impropriety, not to mention the need for market analysts to see the implications of favorable growth that advertised positions offer.

Job-seekers toiling solely in the field of online postings are dramatically slowing down their search.  It’s worth devoting a small amount of time to advertised positions, but do NOT forsake the fertile fields of the direct mail campaign, the power of informational meetings, and networking functions.  If you need a new job, play every card.

Keep a Networking Card with you at all times for easy business card exchange and follow up any personal contacts with a LinkedIn invitation. You friends and business contacts are your best advocates, so activate your network and aggressively build it whether you seeking a job or not.

Think 360!

Rob Swanson
Career Services International
Writing Manager



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