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January 14, 2010

Don’t spam filter out a job offer!

By Kimberly Sarmiento

The only thing more annoying than spam e-mail is that we still get junk mail in our physical mailboxes.  You know – the ones we have to go outside to check?

But as aggravating and virus infested as spam mail might be, you don’t want to filter out a future employer’s contact.  Therefore, I recommend against adding on features which will require a hiring authority to go through steps to establish they are a real person – ie. getting transferred to a website and typing in random numbers and letters they have to read through a strangely colored box.

I’ve gone through the trouble of doing this for a couple of friends and clients, but if I was in the position of scheduling a dozen candidates for interviews – I’m not sure I would bother.

If you are strongly concerned about spam mail, go ahead and establish a separate e-mail account used solely for your career search.  Remember to check it several times a day, but at least you know that all correspondence sent to and from that account will be dedicated to your career.  Therefore, there will be no chance of you losing an important e-mail in the shuffle of your regular correspondence. 

A dedicated e-mail account will also allow you to track easily which companies have responded to your inquires and/or submissions.  And it offers the benefit of professionalism should your current e-mail account be a little too cutesy, flat-out inappropriate, or give away information you might want to not reveal (your children’s names, your birth year, etc…).

Rather or not you choose to keep your current e-mail on your resume or replace it with a new one, remember you want to make it as convenient for the hiring authority (or their assistant) to contact you.  The more steps you ask them to take to get a hold of you, the more you increase the possibility they move on to another candidate!

Thank you Kimberly!

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