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February 3, 2010

Career Management: A back and forth dialogue

Over the past few weeks I began a new career management series entitled the “Huffman Report” and is presented through West Orlando News.  The site receives over 1 million visits a month, allowing us (and you) valuable insight from across the globe.  If you have a chance, check out the section at  The following sprung from viewer questions and comments from that site.

Career management is not only about telling your own story; it’s about listening to others, their struggles, and their issues.  For a few minutes, lets get into our grab bag of comments which came in over the past few days, perhaps gain a bit of insight as we go…

From James: Interesting story (OOOPS…) as something close to that happened to me while I was interviewing a few years back. What is this site going to be concentrating on? I am interested in looking for another position but not sure what steps to take. Will your report go into depth? If I ask for specific topics, will you be able to respond and, if so, when?

We will be concentrating on the full career management life cycle.  In other words, we are going to be taking all old-time rock and roll records off the shelves.  There will be times we delve deeply and carry a mini-series single-topic approach while other times we’ll concentrate on local events or national trends.  Since you asked, if you request specific topics, I anticipate a turnaround time to be within the week.

Regarding your interest in looking for another position and what steps to take, that’s a large can to fill.  When I coach clients, I recommend starting with a true self analysis, determining what type of career/industry would make you happy (naturally consider the economic impact as well). Secondly review the knowledge, skills, and abilities you offer a potential employer. Honesty is the best policy here; if you are an entry-level candidate, don’t pursue a position asking for a senior executive. When it comes to finding possible job leads, know the advertised market carries only a small percentage of openings. 

Throughout the tenure of this site, we will expand on ways to reach the unadvertised market as well getting into interview strategies. I encourage you to actively participate in this site and continue soaking up the information as the days pass by.  On this account, I am hopeful we’ll be introducing a team of extremely qualified members of “Team Career” who will be adding valuable insight from across the US.

From Jason: I started to read the article because of wanting to know if blockbuster was finally going out of business – but then got interested in your advise.  My company informed us recently that they will be closing their doors in the next couple of months.  Your article gave me a boost.

Sometimes a little bit of encouragement goes a long way.  Unfortunately “right-sizing” is hitting too many people too many times.  President Obama is dragging his feet and our local politicians don’t appear to have a resolution except to increase the tolls.  I suggest you go to work each day with a positive attitude, a solid work ethic, and a personal conviction to succeed.  While this is keeping your mind at a calm state (hopefully), begin reviewing what you want to do.  Refer to the advice given to James as well. If your supervisors would like me to come in and assist a group of employees as they prepare for the upcoming transition, I’d be glad to help.  Keep me abreast as to your status and specific questions; this site is dedicated for this exact situation… guiding everyone in their career management struggles.

Gotta get out of the office for now but will fight the good fight first thing tomorrow.  Let me know what topics you are most interested in and throw a spicy question in now and then. 

Until then, remain groovy.

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPCC, CPRW
Owner, Author, Publisher
Career Services International
Education Career Services
407-206-5883 (direct line)
866-794-3337 ext 110


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  1. nice post,good work

    Comment by geovanny — February 4, 2010 @ 4:48 am

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