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February 12, 2010

I’m in the Mood for LOVEEEEEE!

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Valentines Day.  Sure, it’s over commercialized (some would say it’s ONLY commercialized).  No doubt you will find dozens of blogs decrying the formality of the holiday and others rhapsodizing about the possibilities.

It comes down to whiners and winners.  Which are you?

You can abdicate from Valentines Day; your significant other may understand (suuuure they will).  Or you can take the opportunity to flex your creativity and burst through the constraints of the day.

With Valentines Day you can just do what’s expected—a Hallmark card, maybe some flowers and/or candy… doing your duty might prevent you from sleeping on the couch, but will it be memorable?  Will your S.O. really feel you’re the one, or might fantasies of a better lover play in his/her dreams?

If you allow creativity to rein and really put on a show, fulfilling your S.O.’s specific desires and fantasies instead of just commercial expectations, well… don’t expect much sleep that night…

And so it is with your job search.  You can decry the restraints of the modern career search and cobble together a résumé from a template, submit it online, or maybe hand it to a friend.  If by some miracle you get an interview, you can wing it when you get there while grumbling how unfair hiring practices are.

Or you can decide to court your favored prospects.  Develop a professional portfolio, craft a value driven résumé, do your homework, send networking letters, set up informational meetings, network within the companies, and portray yourself as the solution the company desperately needs.  Become the candidate others grumble about because you’re so well prepared and scored the job.

You know; be a winner, not a whiner.

Rob Swanson
Managing Writer
Career Services International


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