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March 15, 2010

Prepare for Success

Getting ready to graduate, thinking about transitioning into a new career, or simply searching for a job due to circumstances beyond your control?  No matter the cause, during a career search, it’s critical to maintain a positive mental attitude.  During a recession and high unemployment, keeping the right mind-set is not an easy task. 

As a certified career coach, I ask my client to remain confident, optimistic, and possess the attitude that no matte what, you can and WILL overcome obstacles.  Again, not an easy task but much depends upon the foundation… in other words, preparation.

Robert Ringer, author of the best selling novel Winning Through Intimidation, states a positive mental attitude is developed “by being good at what you do, by being prepared, by understanding the realities of what it takes to succeed, and by having self-discipline to base your action on those realties.”  Therefore, a positive mental attitude achieved through preparation will yield confidence which will increase success.

Reality: The purpose of a career search is to receive offers for employment, which directly correlates on how you perform during interviews (okay, the resume and cover letter must first get the call for an interview).  With this in mind, confidence comes from being well prepared.  Even if you do not get the position, the optimistic foundation that comes from preparation helps you learn from mistakes in a positive way when preparing for the next interview. 

Begging the question: How does one prepare?  Follow the following…

            1. Take the time necessary to conduct in-depth research about the company, position, and your interviewer.
            2. Know about industry trends and how you can capitalize on them (and how your knowledge, skills, abilities, and education will add value to industry trends)
            3. Anticipate what the company wants to know about you.  Obviously they want you to elaborate on your experience, but don’t just tell them, actually show them how you can repeat that success for them.  Investigate what they might need and determine, prior to the interview, how you can fulfill those needs.
            4. Consider using a third party (no, not the animal house kind of party) such as a career services department professional or a Certified Professional Career Coach to help identify your weaknesses, develop your strengths, and guide you along the path to success.

Ultimately, the first step to securing success comes from YOUR attitude.  In this effort, you must maintain a positive mental attitude throughout your career search by being prepared!

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPCC, CPRW
Owner, Author, Publisher
Career Services International
Education Career Services

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