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June 9, 2009

Mentoring, George!? Come on!

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seinfeld46Maybe you missed the episode of Seinfeld devoted to mocking mentoring.  If so, it was funny.  Not an accurate portrayal of mentoring, of course, but funny.

Mentoring can be a formal process within a company, but it’s not limited to that, and with the Internet, mentors don’t even have to know they’re mentoring!  At its heart, mentoring is an effective way of transferring industry/corporate/executive knowledge where a junior employee can observe and question a senior employee.  Eyes-on help, certainly, but it’s the interaction that is priceless.  With such services as LinkedIn and Facebook, mentoring can be an informal, virtual experience.

We’ve talked about building networks to find employment; it also serves as a treasure trove for learning.  Simply post a question and numerous altruistic executives will answer.  You may get conflicting views, which is a great way to build a comprehensive picture.

This blog is just such an opportunity.  We get hundreds of hits a week with almost no questions.  ASK!  It’s free, and the beginning of a magnificent professional practice — looking to people further along the path than you are is the best way to catch up. 

Or you can take the Seinfeld approach and ask George, Elaine, or heaven-forbid, Kramer or Newman.  Your peer group may have solid information; your elders almost certainly do.  Check them out!

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