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April 16, 2010

Career Global: Educational Support Required

Is the United States prepared to go career-global? Are our colleges and universities training student’s international perspectives? What about cultural sensitivities and cultural semantics? Is the United States taking a “don’t ask don’t tell” approach when it comes to leading beyond borders? Being a former instructor and dean at a small college, I refuse to answer the above questions as many will not like the answer (especially any politicians scanning this post).

Promises aside, government and the year-old administration must accept and resolve educational complacency by supporting institutions of higher learning. Only an aggressive approach and infusion of capital will create a long-term resolution to our recession, economic and intellectual.  The world is global and the manner in which we guide leaders of tomorrow must support that philosophy… unless we, as a people and country, accept second-nature status.

Are you ready to be a second-place loser?

Will our government, specifically going out to the big man in Washington, address the issues of career management on a grand scale or will educational budget freezes ruin progressive thinking?  If the past year is the trend of the future, first place may not be an option.

Political accountability can not be placed on hold any longer. On a side note, can you pass the tea?

President Obama, give our children and young adults the opportunity to better themselves and, in return, improve the United States standing in the world. Now is the time to invest in our future. Now is the time to invest in education and career management! Bailing super-sized and corrupt corporations sends a message… and not a very nice one. Students and the working class of America require faith regained.  

Educational and Career management policy and implementation are long-lasting solutions where benefits are built upon a foundation of progression, not complacency. Strapping students and those wishing to promote themselves is not an option we can afford.

The talk, rhetoric, and promises may have been fine for yesterday and throughout last year, but not today. Time for talk, rhetoric, and promises is over, Career global and educational support must be on the forefront of government investment.

Promises built the last presidential campaign; now it is time for delivery.

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPRW, CPCC, author, educator, and co-owner of Career Services International and Education Career Services,  He may be reached directly at


October 10, 2009

Projected Federal Jobs on the RISE

No doubt this is an extremely difficult time to find employment for thousands upon thousands of graduates and experienced professionals looking to either obtain a job or transition into a better career.  Economic forecasts indicate the private sector may not bounce back to acceptable levels until late next year and warns of further ebb and flow.  Amidst the dust there is a towering presence in the public sector…an option which may be perfect for you.

Before going into the excuses of not having a federal resume or knowing what a KSA is (much less how to write a well developed and thought out one), kick back and check out the opportunity.  After investigating, if you decide you want to test the federal side of employment you have many helping hands eager to assist you.  On this note, I would be glad to guide you upon the path and would also recommend several booklets defining techniques which will enhance your chances of a great catch…just gotta let me know.

Enough talk for now.  According to, the Federal government is looking to fill 273,000 mission critical positions in the next three years. Yes, you read right!  My advice, don’t wait as NOW is the time to get started (it is not uncommon for the process to take up to nine months before an offer is made).  Thus, for those looking to earn over $70,000 annually, GovCentral completed the research to help you make an informed career path.  Check out the list below to see the largest growth and current openings that all earn over $70,000.

The list of 10 Government Industry’s Projected to see the largest growth in the next three years:

1.  Medical and Public Health – 54,114 Projected
2.  Security and Protection – 52,007 Projected
3.  Compliance and Enforcement – 31,276 Projected
4.  Legal – 23,596 Projected
5.  Administration/Program Management – 17,287 Projected
6.  Accounting and Budget – 16,664 Projected
7.  Information Technology – 11,549 Projected
8.  Business and Industry – 10,765 Projected
9.  Engineering – 10,642 Projected
10. Transportation – 10,560 Projected

To learn more details about the ten industries, go to the web page, (Original URL: 

I will be glad to help you out in this endeavor; just let me know (or go to and decide if two of my booklets would be the right next move),

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPCC, CPRW
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July 14, 2009

Economic Darwinism: For Better or Worse?

July 13I had the opportunity to check out this Sunday’s employment section and was not impressed by the amount or type of open positions.  I don’t recall the last time this section was such a quick read as I barely had time to take two sips of my tea!  Anyway, after a short pause to shake the thin webs of a one-page print off, I had to find out what was really going on.

Is our employment situation getting better or worse?  To answer that, one must come to an understanding as to what’s really going on.

According to information released this month by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ratio of job seekers to job openings is slightly above: 5 to 1.  To be specific, there are 5.4 job seekers for every advertised job opening.  Is this a good number or a not so good number and what does it tell us about the better or worse question?  Then again, think about it, the advertised job opening market only represents about 25% of all job openings out there—seems like our first step is one guided by misdirection!

On the other side of the story, the number of job seekers can also be misleading if one is not careful.  From all accounts and from several business economic classes way back in the dark ages, job seeker counts are typically under-recognized.  In other words, government statistics claim the 5.4 seekers for every job advertised but do not take into account those individuals who are passively looking to better themselves or the super-sized number of underemployed conveniently forgotten about by those in control.

I know what you’re saying, numbers are no good unless there is something to compare them with and 5.4 may be a number to strive for.  Unfortunately, we can look at the figures from March (4.8 job seeker for each advertised position) and the numbers from when the recession officially began.  That would be December of 2007 when there were 1.7 job applicants per single job opening.  Hmmm, wonder if further interpretations by me are even necessary?  Are we beginning to get a clear picture of the better or worse question? 

All of this to the side, there remains hope for the applicant who is skilled in the art of career management and self marketing.  Think about it, we seem to be experiencing an economic/employment Darwinist revolution where the fittest not only survive but STRIVE in this new jungle.  True enough, there remains good news amongst the struggles: During the month of April, there were 4,099,000 new hires!

What’s it going to take to be leading the pack?  Continue checking out this blog for guidance and interaction.  Many of our previous submissions are focused to get you through the hard times by offering insight and time-tested approaches to career management.  Thus, review the lessons from submissions posted in the not so distant past…just because a post was presented two weeks (or even six months) ago does not mean it has lost any value.  Take a journey to the beginning; you will find value at such little cost.

Ultimately to answer the question of better or worse, it all depends on you.  For those insisting on defeat and self fulfilling prophecy, don’t let tomorrow pass you by due to your lack of initiative and ability to maximize all resources. 

Help is one the way but your hand must also reach.

Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP
Education Career Services:
Career Services International:

February 9, 2009

Going Green?

Over the past few months there has been a great deal of interest (as well as inflated rhetoric) regarding green jobs and its impact on the unemployment rate.



The Career Management Alliance dedicated space to the green cause and I felt our readers would appreciate the information.  A sample of the opportunities and organizations seeking to do their part on the unemployment rate is as follows:


  • Campaign to Save the Environment is looking for people in over 60 cities throughout the United States to operate as Field Staff (summer employment), Field Managers, and Campaign Coordinators
  • The Green Corps 2009-2010 Field School for Environmental Organizing is seeking 35 college graduates to learn to be environmental activists
  • Environmental Defense Fund is in a hiring mode


According to, the top green jobs are:


Land Use Planner

Ecotour Operator

LEED-Accredited Builder

Environmental Lawyer

Green Building Managers

Environmental Engineers

Solar Panel Installers

Corn Farmer

Green Venture Capitalist


The National Academy of Sciences recently characterized climate change as “irreversible,” so expect additional opportunities and, with President Obama’s promises, I anticipate growth in the green jobs sector to continue.


Thus, if you are looking to work in green, opportunities are global!


Danny Huffman, MA, CPRW, CPCC, CEIP


January 28, 2009

The Federal Government is Hiring

One of the best kept secrets in the hiring arena is our Federal Government.  If you tried applying for a Federal post years ago, you are in for a surprise.


The application process has become easier by leaps and bounds, so check out the possibilities and be surprised at the process.  If you need specific details, I publish material on the Federal Application as well as techniques on KSA development and would be glad to share any information requested.


In a recent announcement, the FBI detailed its resolve to hire close to 3,000 new employees.  Included in the postings are 850 special agents and 2,100 professional positions, such as accounting and human resources.  With a large percentage of employees at the cusp of retiring, now may be the best time to apply.


Another positive, the Federal Government is all over the world—you are not limited to one geographic location! 


I recently gave a presentation about the Federal Job Application (specifically KSA Maximization) at Yale University and found a great deal of people (not just students) apprehensive about working for the government.  One thing I definitely insist upon when delivering guidance:


·        Read the application carefully

·        Do not skip through the application process

·        Answer all questions

·        Be patient (it may take up to a year before you hear anything)

·        Be persistent (keep applying)

·        Be realistic in the qualifications and your experience


One more thing, for more information check out usajobs and/or


Good luck and let me know how I can help in this endeavor.


Danny Huffman


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